I kindly recommend you read my etiquette guidelines below in order to ensure a mutually enjoyable, memorable experience, and to clarify any questions you may have.

I am extremely selective of the few clients with whom I meet.  I cater exclusively to a small number of upscale gentlemen, who are generous, well mannered, and respectful.

Please place your consideration in an envelope on the sink in the bathroom prior to my arrival.  If we are meeting for dinner or drinks, please place your consideration in a gift bag in clear view on the table or bar upon my arrival.  If you wish to extend our time, please suggest this toward the beginning of our encounter and, as gentlemen, take care of the additional time as described above at any time prior to my departure.  I’m more than happy to accommodate your extended time request as my schedule permits.  The only accepted method of consideration is cash.  Gifts or tips are never mandatory or expected.  There are no hidden fees.  If you wish to surprise me, I’ll appreciate anything you give me with love.  Discussions regarding money or services in person, by email, or over the phone are not permitted.  Safety is of high priority.  If you have questions regarding consideration, please see my Consideration page.  My rates are non-negotiable; please be a gentleman.

I hold myself to the highest possible hygiene standard. I expect the same from the gentlemen I spend time with. If you don’t have time to shower shortly (15-20 minutes) before my arrival, you can shower once I am in the room at no cost to you or the time you’ve scheduled. Think of great hygiene as the gateway to an uninhibited trip of a lifetime.   I’ll always arrive fabulously fresh, straight from the shower for you.

Incall ~ Outcall:
I’m happy to arrange incall appointments.  I ask for some advance notice with a ninety minute minimum appointment. I  am also happy to provide outcall services to 4-star and above hotels only.

Privacy, discretion and security are of the utmost importance.  My preferred method of communication is via P411.  For new friends, an email providing requested screening information with elicit the quickest response.  Please see by Screening page for additional information.  You will reach me via my personal email.  I am the only person who will answer or retrieve messages.  I maintain discretion regarding any personal information you provide.  I do not retain any personal or private information.

If you need to cancel our time together, please be respectful and give me as much notice as possible.